CFI Flight Lesson 13: Practical Test Standards (PTS) Simulation


For the student to go become familiar with what a CHECKRIDE (FAA Practical Test) is and go through a mock oral and flight test in preparation for the Checkride.

Notes on Checkride ( FAA Practical Test)

This lesson pulls together all the previous lessons into a comprehensive package for the Checkride. It should be understood that the term “CHECKRIDE” is the common term for the FAA “Practical Test” which is the oral exam and then the flight test. In the following assignments, note the “FAA Practical Test Standards” are the FAA requirements/standards published by the FAA that the FAA examiner must run the applicant through as the Checkride with satisfactory results to become a sport pilot. Essentially, the “FAA Practical Test Standards” are the FAA questions/requirements. The Paul Hamilton Checkride Book contains the typical questions and ANSWERS to the FAA Practical Test Standards questions and tips and tricks for the flight test. It is important to understand it is not necessary to memorize everything but have a knowledge of the subjects and be able to find the answers as necessary.



  • “Introduction” Parts applicable for Initial Check and not the Ultralight/Proficiency check/Additional privileges/Single Seat pages 8 through 11 (read  page 9 “Aircraft and Equipment Required for the Practical Test/Proficiency Check) section. Do not read both “Proficiency Check”  sections pages 14 and 15.
  • “Section 1 Sport Pilot Airplane”. These are the specific areas you will be tested on (Note the HPTS Sport Pilot Checkride book  follows this exact format with the typical questions/answers and specifics for the flight test).
  • Note Sections 2, 3 and 4 are for Gyroplane, Glider and Flight Instructor and not applicable.

2. Read the HPTS SPORT PILOT CHECKRIDE book, Parts 1 and 2. You will note that the answers have references for the questions/answers so it is helpful to go back and reference these. Typically you can tab the regulations in the FAR/AIM book so they are easy to find and it looks like you have done your research for the checkride. The FAA Examiner likes to see this since it shows an additional effort by the applicant.

3. Watch the videos. Note the HPTS SPORT PILOT CHECKRIDE video does not go through all the questions and answers. It simply shows you some snapshots of what a checkride is like to go through and what the examiner is thinking during the test. The HPTS SPORT PILOT CHECKRIDE book is all the information needed for the checkride.


Sport Pilot Checkride

Learn To Fly LSA – Checkride Flight

Completion Standards

Assignment is complete when student successfully reads all materials listed, become familiar with emergency situations and emergency gear listed plus completes quiz with a passing grade of 70%.