Lesson 14: Course Completion


You have completed this comprehensive pilot course that has the ground school for :
  • Aeronautical Knowledge (typically known as ground school to pass the knowledge test), plus
  • Flight Training Knowledge needed to master the control of the airplane.
Everything to get through your checkride.

What's Next?

  • If you have been taking this course while you have been taking flight lessons, you are ready for your checkride.
  • If you have taken this course before flight training you will be in a position to learn much faster once you get in the airplane and start flying. Generally, your flight lessons will follow the flight lessons here only you will be in the airplane performing the maneuvers.

Either way, you have learned the in depth knowledge of HOW and WHY to make you a more competent, confident and safe pilot.

Answer this final one question quiz and print out your Certificate of Achievement.

Again – Congratulations and job well done!