Aerodynamics: Airplane

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How The Course Works

Paul Hamilton will reveal the magic of Airplane Aerodynamics.

This is how and why the magic works to allow the airplane to fly through the air and you be in control.

In addition to the classic approach to learning aerodynamics to get a pilot license, practical applications are used to understand aerodynamics to become a better and safer pilot.

This course is broken down into understanding how the forces work, how they work together, how that effects the aircraft and how to fly safely and efficiently based on the all these forces.

With 7 unique lessons including 80 minutes of videos and supporting FAA books plus Paul Hamilton supplements, all aerodynamic principles are covered in an easy to understand course.

The "How the Course Works" video shows you how to go through the course, how the course works and some examples of the videos/books so you will understand how this will help you master the magic of why an airplane gives you the freedom to fly.

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