Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE, LSRM, Filmmaker, Author
Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE, LSRM, Filmmaker, Author
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We’ve made it easier than ever to get started in creating your adventurous life of a pilot. Enhance your aviation training experience by enrolling in one of our online training courses. Courses can be completed in multiple sessions, so don’t worry if you don’t have time to finish a course today!


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Learn To Fly Trike Weight-Shift Control LSA

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Sport Aviation Center eLearning Flight Instructor Sport Pilot CFI-S Training Course, Airplane

Flight Instructor Sport Pilot CFI-S Training Course, Airplane

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These courses are included in the featured courses above, or each can be enrolled in as a stand alone course.
Weather To Fly: Aviation Weather For All Pilots With Paul Hamilton at Sport Aviation Center eLearning Online

Weather To Fly: Aviation Weather For All Pilots

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Sport Aviation Center eLearning Private Pilot Sport Pilot Training Time Can Be Applied Toward Private Pilot Training

Private Pilot Training: How Many Hours of Sport Pilot Training Can Be Applied To Private Pilot Training?

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Trike LSA Video Library Sport Aviation Center eLearning Pilot Training

Weight-Shift Control Trike LSA – Video Library

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Why Aviation eLearning with Paul Hamilton? is an online e-learning portal for exceptional affordable, real-world pilot training. We bring you state-of-the-art courses to serve you in realizing and creating your dreams of flying.

Would you like to try a fun, new and exciting way to learn? Then purchase one of Paul Hamilton’s Interactive eLearning Courses. Each course includes interesting graphics, videos, and educational interactions. In addition, each section within a course is accompanied by questions to help test your knowledge and reinforce important concepts.

Real World Video – I put you in the cockpit for a “pilot’s view” during your flight lessons. Unlike other courses, mine are not just slideshows and talking heads.

Save Time & Money on Flight Lessons – By reviewing the relevant subject matter before each lesson, you’ll go to your next flight lesson prepared. This will make your time with your instructor much more efficient, saving you time and money.

Access Anywhere, Any Time – These courses were designed to be used on an iPad, Android tablet device, laptop or desktop computer.

The Most Comprehensive Courses Available – I take you beyond the book answers. My courses focus on really learning to fly and improving your flying skills…not just memorizing test questions.

Learn Faster. Improve Your Flying. It’s Easy! – We deliver online classes and courses to make it easy, save you money, help you learn faster and to improve your flying not offered anywhere else online!

A Personalized Training Experience – Minimize your time in a classroom and/or with your instructor. With my course, you can learn on your own schedule and at your own pace. It’s easy to review segments multiple times or even skip ahead.

Integrated – Powerful programs help you learn using three different forms of media.

Built From The Ground Up For a New Way To Learn – Our training library is built upon the foundation of new and recurrent aircraft training in weight-shift control trike or fixed-wing airplane light sport aircraft (LSA) through our exclusive learning management system.

Go Beyond Imagining What It Would Be Like — Execute your dreams into material results and become a pilot!