CFI Ground Lesson 13: Knowledge Exam


Prepare to pass the sport pilot knowledge test, obtain endorsement to take the test and take the Sport Pilot Airplane FAA Knowledge Test. (Not required for existing pilot proficiency)


1. Study the FAA Sport Pilot Knowledge test questions through:

  • Self-directed study by student with test prep materials: Sport Pilot Section of ASA PRIVATE PILOT PREPWARE study course (or equivalent).

2. Score at least 80% on two simulated PREPWARE Sport Pilot Knowledge tests. Go to top menu in PREPWARE and in the Performance section email your successful practice tests and ASA will email you back your endorsement to take the knowledge test in an FAA-approved testing facility.

It is recommended you are constantly scoring at least 90% on the practice tests before you go down and take the official FAA test. Do not worry about taking practice tests and not scoring that high at first. You will only be submitting your two best tests to get the recommendation to take the knowledge test. You can take as many practice tests as you want.

3. Take the FAA Sport Pilot Airplane computerized knowledge test. Contact the computer testing facility (as provided in the Prepware instructions), schedule an appointment and take the test. MAKE SURE you specify the “Sport Pilot Airplane” knowledge test so the testing facility gives you the right test. Make sure and verify it is the “Sport Pilot Airplane” knowledge test when you go down to take the test.


Sport Pilot Knowledge Test Prep:

  • Sport Pilot Certificate
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft, Systems and Maintenance
  • Procedures and Operations
  • Weather and Weather Services
  • Performance
  • Flight Physiology
  • Airports and Airspace
  • Regulations
  • Cross-Country

Obtain Endorsement In Logbook For Sport Pilot Knowledge Test through the ASA ONLINE PREPWARE

11. Written Sport Pilot General Knowledge test endorsement § 61.35(a) (1) and §61.309: I certify that (First name, MI, Last name) has received the required training of § 61.309. I have determined that he/she is prepared for the (category and class) knowledge test. J. J. Jones, 12-25-2004 J. J. Jones 610610CFI 12-06

Completion Standards

Assignment is complete when student fully prepared to pass the FAA Sport Pilot Knowledge Exam and obtains an endorsement to take the test, plus completes quiz with a passing grade of 70%.